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During the last years, the environmental field become a main interest of many firms and organization. Due to this fact, environmental issuses topics take a major part on the decision process of many real estate and industrial projects  

  • Profile

    "Agouti Environment", founded by Alon Topchik, an environmental engineer, consults in varied environmental subjects such as air pollution, ground pollution, hazardous materials and etc.

  • Services

    "Agouti Environment" offers varied services in environmental consulting to an assortment of clients such as factories, enterpriser companies, local authorities and more. Services include consulting planned and existing projects, factories, infrastructure sites and environmental policy formation in the public and private sectors.

  • Environment

    The environmental protection field is one of the hardest to define. While many consider this field to consist of protecting nature and ecological systems, others will consider protecting people's health from pollution as the aim of this field.


Environmental topics

  • Air pollution

    Air pollution is considered by many as the main environmental problem. It is undetectable by the naked eye in contrast to other pollutions such as noise, solid waste, sewage and more. Due to general population being unaware of air pollution, some think that it is less problematic then “noticed” environmental topics.

  • זיהום קרקע

    Soil pollution

    Soil pollution can occur when utilizing the soil for different facilities such as gas stations and factories. The pollution can be caused during normal activity or system failure which allows leakage of polluters to the soil.

  • Hazard materials

    In the event of malefactions certain materials can cause injury to people and property. Nevertheless, materials that are not classified by law as hazardous can still be dangerous. Thus, each case should be examined and steps should be taken when necessary.


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