Environmental reports

An environmental assessment is often required in order to examine to plans or building permits of different projects. The purposes of the environmental assessment are:

1. Estimation of the potential environmental influence of a project.

2. Estimation of the potential influence of the environment on a project.

3. Determine the steps required to implement the project while reducing and preventing environmental damage. 

The environmental assessment summarizes the environmental issues examined in the planning of the project in accordance to its position and character such as air pollution, sewage, hazardous materials, acoustics, ecology and more. Estimation of the project's influence on its environment and the environment's influence on the project is by visiting the area, examining existing plans, analyzing samples in the field and laboratory, using mathematical models and etc. This estimation is compared to the accepted regulation and criterions to determine if the project is a potential hazard on the environment. Based on these conclusions a recommendation is made whether steps should be taken before the project is implemented to reduce and prevent environmental damage such as redesigning specific elements in the project, adding treatment faculties, monitoring and more.