Agouti Environment

During the last years, the environmental field become a main interest of many firms and organization. Due to this fact, environmental issuses topics take a major part on the decision process of many real estate and industrial projects  

Agouti is an environmental consulting firm in varied environmental subjects such as air pollution, ground pollution, hazardous materials and etc. The guide line of "Agouti Environment", is the "sustainable development" principle. This principle is taking into account both the environmental/health issues and the planning and economic issues involved in the decision making process in each existing or futuristic project. To balance these considerations there has to be profound understating of the factories or enterprisers needs and the environmental implications of its actions. The environmental implications of each case has to be analyzed on its own without using "hunches" or general estimations in making the decision. Thus, damage to the environment can be avoided while keeping development and industrial activity.