"Agouti Environment" offers varied services in environmental consulting to an assortment of clients such as factories, enterpriser companies, local authorities and more. Services include consulting planned and existing projects, factories, infrastructure sites and environmental policy formation in the public and private sectors.

New project services mainly include the services:

1.Analyzing the environmental influence of projects in order to present to the authorities as part of the approval procedure in a standard planning process.

2.Environmental consulting to project enterprisers, project managers, project planning and additional professional advisors. This consulting includes the implantation of environmental principles which should be included in the preliminary planning. By incorporating environmental and health issues in the initial planning many costs can be avoided as well as delays of project approval with different authorities.

3.Accompaniment at different execution stages of projects.

Part of the service given by "Agouti Environment" includes documents and reports such as environmental assessment, soil surveys, "technical papers", asbestos surveys and more.

For existing projects, factories and infrastructure sites the services mainly offered include the environmental influence of a project and a recommendation on operational procedures and/or on the installation of required facilities to diminish the environmental damage to an accepted level. Parts of these services include the application of reports and documents such as "technical papers", "factory files" and hazard surveys as well as additional subjects that are not required by law and regulations such as characterization of treatment units, monitoring plans and more.

All these services are given while accompanying the client in all environmental procedures performed.