The environmental protection field is one of the hardest to define. While many consider this field to consist of protecting nature and ecological systems, others will consider protecting people's health from pollution as the aim of this field.

Today the environmental protection issues include both affects on nature and on health. In addition, it is customary to include hazardous materials and their treatment.

Previously only projects with a high potential to affect the environment, such as power plants, highways and waste dumps, were examined for their affect. In contrast, it is now accepted that in order to protect the environment an assessment of additional projects are needed such as parking lots, laboratories, clinics, industrial buildings and more. As part of the environmental inspection the potential for environmental hazards of these projects are checked and if needed, prevention procedures and means are determined.

Nevertheless it is important to remember that environmental protection is not limited to governmental, business and industrial activities but also to people's activity. Each individual affects the environment with their daily lives from vehicle usage to waste production. Therefore, the privilege and burden of protecting the environment is not only at the level of planning and supervising industries and businesses but also at the personal level of each and every one of us.